Portland Press Limited Board

8 members

Image of Professor Nigel Hooper
Chair of the Board / University of Manchester
Professor Nigel Hooper
Image of Professor Sheila Graham
Society Chair / University of Glasgow
Professor Sheila Graham
Image of Professor Frank Sargent
Society Honorary Treasurer / Newcastle University
Professor Frank Sargent
Image of Kate Baillie
Managing Director and CEO / Portland Press and Biochemical Society
Kate Baillie
Image of Professor Helen Walden
Chair of Publications Committee / University of Glasgow
Professor Helen Walden
Image of Dr Matthew Cockerill
Non-Executive Director / Portland Press Ltd.
Dr Matthew Cockerill
Image of Phil Garner
Non-Executive Director / Becaris Publishing Limited
Phil Garner
Image of Dr Sarah Greaves
Non-Executive Director / STEM Consulting Limited
Dr Sarah Greaves