Lindsay Moore-Fields
Centre for Healthcare Innovation (The Science Runway) 

Nigel Page
Kingston University (Encouraging and Embracing Black Diversity in Industry)

Avril Morrison
Aberdeenshire Council (Supporting Practical Science for Students with Visual Impairment)

Aarohee Vora
Indian Institute of Technology (The Language Project)

Jacob Wright
Kings College London (Lived experiences of Black women pursuing STEM subjects in the UK HE)

Joanne Gough 
Aston University (Co-creation of resources for empathy development in academics)


Anna Ampaw
University of Ottawa (Empowering Female Minds in STEM)
Anamaria Grijincu
in2biochem (in2biochem)
Laura Hobbs
University of the West of England (Minecraft For Children With Special Educational Needs Loughborough Event)
Pablo Izquierdo
University College London (How to make a scientist)
Caroline McKinnon
University of Bristol (Inclusive Research Collective Seminar and Workshop series)
Jonathan Soulsby
University of Birmingham (STEM, LGBTQ and You)


Alfredo Carpineti
Pride in STEM (STEM for Queer Youth)
Claire L Davies
University of Exeter (Taking ‘Pride’ in STEM) 
Cally Haynes
University College London (Women in Supramolecular Chemistry)
Rhianna Jones
Techniquest Glyndwr ((In)Visible: Celebrating the Hidden Diversity of LGBT+ Scientists Through History)
Jane Montague
University of Derby (Inspiring Women’s Engagement in Science-Based Careers)
Brynley Pearlstone
SciCurious Podcast (SciCurious Season 2)
Emma Rand
University of York (Creating impact from code for women and underrepresented groups)
Hephzi Tagoe
GhScientific (Let off steam)
Cristina Garcia Timmermans
Ghent University (Women in Science Day 2020)


UVic WIS STEM Research Symposium Gillian Dornan,
University of Victoria Women in Science

Scientists hidden from history – a celebration of BAME
Agatha Grela, University of West London

Inspiring stories from women in STEM Amy Cameron,
University of Dundee

Science Hunters  Carly Stevens, Lancaster

IGNITE – Girls Camp  Gracielle Teixeira Higino,

Querdy Matthew Young, University of Nottingham

Inspiring Language Communities  Nick Weisse,
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Open Dialogue Steven Livingstone, Kings College