Professor Helen Walden
Chair of Publications Committee
University of Glasgow

Professor Colin Bingle
Editor-in-Chief, Biochemical Society Transactions
University of Sheffield

Professor Mark Lemmon
Chair of the Biochemical Journal Editorial Board
Yale University School of Medicine

Professor Weiping Han                   Editor-in-Chief, Bioscience Reports  
Singapore Bioimaging Consortium

Dr Simon Kerridge
University of Kent

Professor Paula Booth
Editor-in-Chief, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences
King’s College London

Professor Clare Stanford
Editor-in-Chief, Neuronal Signaling
University College London

Professor Sarah Perrett
Editor-in-Chief, Essays in Biochemistry
The Faraday Institute, Cambridge and Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Heather Doran
Science Editor, The Biochemist
University of Dundee

Michael J. Ryan
Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Science
University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Columbia, USA

Elizabeth Kaweesa
University of Chicago, Illinois

James Brown
University of Limerick