Professor Nigel Hooper
Chair of Publications Committee and Editor-in-Chief, Essays in Biochemistry
University of Manchester

Professor Colin Bingle
Editor-in-Chief, Biochemical Society Transactions
University of Sheffield

Professor David Carling
Editor-in-Chief, Biochemical Journal
MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, Imperial College London

Professor Wanjin Hong
Editor-in-Chief, Bioscience Reports
A*Star institute, Singapore

Professor Rhian Touyz
Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Science
University of Glasgow

Professor Aideen Sullivan
Editor-in-Chief, Neuronal Signaling
University College Cork

Professor Colin Kleanthous
Editor-in-Chief, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences
University of Oxford

Dr Chris Wilmott
Science Editor, The Biochemist
University of Leicester

Dr Amanda Marie James
Emory University

Dr Simon Kerridge
University of Kent

Dr Alison Woollard
University of Oxford